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Why Should Men Get All the Praise?

I just watched a man walk down the street with his kid on a baby carrier slapped on to his masculine chest and I could see the open adulation in the eyes of the people who walked past the man. Yet we see women doing that all the time yet never such expression of adulation. It’s a strange dichotomy, when a dad takes his kid to the park or the playground or the library, he is bound to tell you how many women were surprised and to an extent gob smacked at his propensity to take the kid with him places, whilst they too are with their own kids yet they readily part away with all the merit badges to this guy.

Our traditional values have trained our psyche over hundreds of years, something that a woman does every single day of her life has never been rewarded with adulation or accolades. It has been assumed that it is “her “duty to continue despite all the hardships. Moms aren’t supposed to expect any motivation or praise. However, with a constantly evolving world these values are now changing with men taking active part in household chores as well as parenting. When we look at a multifunctional family set up where all members work together, kids benefit majorly when they have an involved father. Kids with dads who do household chores, babysit are more involved in a family set up, more considerate and understanding.

Madhuchanda Saxena

Future Bright Program

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