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Why Walk, When You can Skate?

Paving its way through other sports, roller skating has emerged an evolving trend in the world of sports and games. It was invented in 1735 by John Joseph Merlin. From then there was no looking back. They further expanded into multiple categories like- single wheeled, tri skates etc. The roller skates were the predecessors to the inline skates.  This hobby gained the most popularity in America during the early 1960s and then in the 1970s.

Roller skating has also been used as a form of creation and transportation by children. In India, the sport works under The Roller Skating Federation of India, which was founded by S.P.Mumick in 1955. An increase in popularity of the sport was noticed during the 50s, when it started being depicted in the movies and fast food joints started featuring services on roller coasters in different parts of the world.

It did not remain just a recreational activity but later on went to become an integral part of the sports community and tournaments.



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