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Why your Child Should Play Hockey

We all know that the National Game of India is Hockey. What we may not realize, though, is how important a game like hockey can be for our children.

Hockey benefits a child in a myriad of ways, including physical, emotional and mental wellness.

1.Hockey is a fantastic exercise- Hockey is one of the best cardiovascular games you can play. It improves the efficiency of the cardiovascular system, allowing it to bring oxygen to the muscles more quickly. It also helps to prevent injuries that often come with other sports that engage in repetitive movements. Playing hockey burns a ton of calories. Many children are facing problems with weight and diabetes as a result of eating foods that are high on taste, but low on nutrition.

 2. Hockey requires a high level of coordination and improves hand-eye coordination. It also requires strength, something that can benefit a child in whatever activity he or she pursues. Stronger muscles improve endurance and create stronger bones.

 3.Hockey builds character- Since hockey is a team sport; children who play learn the value of working with others. They figure out how to rely on teammates and understand that cooperation is the key to success.


Research has shown that children who play hockey at a young age are more likely to continue to play that sport throughout their lives. By putting a child in a hockey program, you are creating a lifelong enthusiast and health-oriented individual.




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