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Women’s Football Team In Jordan

About 20 years ago, some girls started playing football in the streets of their neighbourhoods in Jordan. Almost all of them played with the boys, because girls hardly played football in those days. There was no club, coach or infrastructure available for girls. Also, the society acted as another hindrance to the girls playing football.

Later, the scenario changed a little. One, then two clubs came up and further a league was initiated and in 2005 the first women's national football team was founded. After 13 years, women's football has become a established sport in Jordan, backed by His Royal Highness Prince Ali bin Hussein. In 2016, Jordan became the first country in the Middle East to host a FIFA Under-17 World Cup. In the present year, the first senior women’s football event followed with the Asian Cup, the qualifying tournament for the World Cup. These women have opened the doors for the future generations as well. Some of the players who initially founded the national team in 2005 still form the core of it. Their big dream was to qualify for the World Cup in France next year. They lost all the three groups. The dream came to an end. But it was never a tale about the world cup. It was about women who persevered and by that, fought against popular gender perceptions in their society opening up ways and avenues for future generations.

By: Anuja Arora


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