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Four major tennis tournaments exist in the world, referred to as the Grand Slam tournaments. These are the most significant in terms of world ranking, tradition, prize money and public attention.

The Australian Open was conducted first in 1905. Till 1987 it was held on grass courts, and from 1988, it is being held on hard courts. It is held at Melbourne Park in January. It is the first grand slam to be conducted each year.

The Grand Slam which comes next is the French Open. It is held for two weeks in spring. From its commencement till today, it is held on clay court. Since clay is a slow-moving surface, it is considered that the French Open is the most physically difficult of them all.

The Wimbledon Championship is the oldest and the most renowned tennis tournament in the world. It has been conducted since 1877 in Wimbledon, a suburb of London. It is the only major tournament to be held on grass.

The annual tennis calendar commenced in 1881. It was included in the Grand Slams in 1987. It is conducted from late August to early September, and has changed courts many times. 

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