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World’s Tiniest Computer Created By The University of Michigan

University of Michigan has successfully created the world’s smallest computer which will make a grain of rice look huge. This computer is measured to be of just 0.3mm which has a temperature sensor that allows to report temperature in microscopic regions like cluster of cells  and other minute areas with complete accuracy. The tech giant IBM unveiled their own miniature device earlier this year and the tiny computer is created in response to the IBM’s little device which set the record of being the smallest computer.


The university has cross-examined the effectiveness of their device as well as IBM’s previous initiative being called as a computer because these devices cannot retain their data once they turn off.


The team of University of Michigan was the one who created the Michigan Micro Mote previously. Micro Mote can retain its data even after switching off and this device holds the record for the smallest computer before IBM’s effort. This micro gadget has been used in several cases which includes sensing the pressure inside the eye for diagnosing glaucoma, studying cancer and tiny snails as well.



By: Swati Kaushal



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