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Wrestling Federation of India: Its Ins and Outs

There are clear evidences of wrestling in India since a long period of time; however it has emerged into its latest format after going through various modifications. Earlier it was known as Malla Yudha, Dwand and was played in Akharas. Duryodhna, Bhima, Karna, Jarasandha were counted as great wrestlers in ancient time. Several associations, at the state and national level are managing Wrestling in India.

The national body that is formed to monitor wrestling in India is the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) that came into existence in 1967 and has been promoting the game in India, since then. There are many wrestling associations are there on state level which is working in collaboration with the WFI for the management of wrestling in India.

Wrestling Federation of India consists of various members including President, Senior Vice President, 8 Vice Presidents, Honorary Secretary General, Treasurer, 6 Joint Secretaries, Two Representative of the Wrestlers, 1 Male and 1 Female as the Member of the Executive Committee.

The prime responsibilities of WFI are: To encourage, promote and control amateur wrestling activities; Give affiliation to Wrestling Associations of States; to conduct systematic coaching camps; to do all such things as may be conducive to the promotion and development of Amateur wrestling etc. It has a Disciplinary Committee to look into any serious issue. 'Rustam-i-Hind' 'Rustam-i-Zamana', and the 'Bharat-Kesri' are some of the titles that are awarded to Wrestling Champion, by WFI.


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