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WWE, A Huge Platform for Wrestlers

Wrestler Sushil Kumar has confirmed his meet with the top officials of WWE. According to Sushil Kumar his meet was dedicated to an expansion of wrestling in India. During an interview the wrestler confirmed that he wants to continue his career as a wrestler.

Additionally Sushil also accepted that he had been in touch with the World Wrestling federation since four months and also promoting them since then. India’s double Olympic winning wrestler Sushil met WWE’s head of talent Development, Canton Ceman.

According to the reports Canton Ceman directly came from Orland, Florida to meet Sushil kumar. Besides part time wrestling wrestler Sushil want to try his hands in professional wrestling. Sushil also said that, he took this decision after being ignored by the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) for the Rio Olympics.

Though, he have emphasized on the statement that he did not say goodbye to amateur wrestling yet. Now India can expect more action from Sushil Kumar as he is keen to explore his talent.




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