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Yo-Yo Test to Improve Performance of Indian Women's Hockey

Women’s Indian Hockey Team is going through a touch practice session at the SAI, South Centre, Bengaluru. Players of the Indian women's hockey team's are feeling energetic doing the training sessions out there.

This is considered as a preparation towards the three major tournaments lined up this season. Chief coach Harendra Singh said that the players are working hard at getting faster, fitter. The players are going through the latest yo-yo tests. There are three major tournaments are lined up namely Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and the World Cup. The test is to make them faster and fitter for these tournaments. The 33 campers went through the yo-yo intermittent recovery test (level1). It is a test to measure an athlete's ability to repeatedly perform high-intensity aerobic work. Scientific advisor Wayne Lombard stated that the scores are not encouraging yet surprising. The highest score was 21.1 - and the lowest was 17.7. Mr. Lombard stated that everyone has their own capabilities and there is always scope for improvement; however, it is difficult to calculate it. He also said that things like strength, agility and speed, and repeat sprint ability are very much important for playing at international level hockey. It will also help in minimizing the injury. Attempts are being made to take the players to run up-to 18 or higher before the Commonwealth Games. The yo-yo test is only one performance indicator. Players are also trying their hard to be ready for the further tournaments.

By: Anita Aishvarya





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