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The 34-year-old ace Indian wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt, who is in the dusk of his career and injury prone like never before, says that he is still expecting to continue and that the thought of retiring has never crossed his mind.

The bronze medal winner in the 2012 Olympics had earlier declared that the Rio Games were to be his final Olympics. But upon failing in his attempt to win a medal there, he has, for the time being, continued searching for a glorious closing of his career by winning one last medal for India.  

The Haryana-grappler who had to take an eight-month break owing to injuries, has postponed his retirement plans as his passion for the sport stays intact.

He told “I would like to make a comeback to the international arena before bidding adieu to the sport. So, there are no plans of quitting any time soon."

The legendary who seemed indecisive on his future endeavor said "It would be unfair to commit right now whether I would be participating in either Commonwealth or Asian Games. I would need to sit down and gather my thoughts before returning to action at the international arena."

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