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Youngsters too Need Parental Supervision and Guidance

The experts have advised that it is important for parents to provide an effective guidance and support to their children. Many changes occur within the family when the child grows towards adolescence. The child becomes more independent and well as responsible. Additionally with responsibilities the growing children also became more capable of contributing to chores and other household tasks. During the middle childhood the parents needs to be more alert and have two important tasks to do. 

The first is learning to allow and support the child to en­ter the new world of school and friends alone. The second task is learning to be parents at a distance. The parents need to provide their children little more space. Once children enter school, parents spend less than half as much time with them as they did before.

The Parents need to be more proficient, more attentive, and still very much concerned in their children's lives in or­der to monitor, guide, and support them.

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