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Your Intentions Can Affect Your Brainwaves

We know that when a parent interacts with their infant, it helps in synchronizing their gaze, emotions, heart rate, etc. But what about their brain activity, does it also synchronize that?

The brain waves reflect the activity of the group of neurons which are involved in the transfer of the information between brain regions. Studies have shown that when two adults talk to each other, then the communication channel is more successful because the brainwaves are synchronized.

A research team at the Baby-LINC lab at the University of Cambridge carried out a study to know if infants can synchronize their brainwaves and activities according to the adults that they are interacting with. The team observed and studied the brainwaves pattern of 36 infants in the first experiment and 19 in the second one. The experiments measured the patterns of brain’s electrical activity using electrodes in a skull cap that was won by the participants. The brain activity of the infant was compared to the adult who was singing a nursery rhyme.

Through the experiment the researchers found that the infant’s brainwaves were more in sync with the adult’s. The two situation one in which the adult was making direct eye contact with the infant and one in which he had his gaze averted also gave out different results and showed that when the adult is directly looking at the infant their brainwaves are more synchronized.

The study proved that the brainwaves activity and synchronization is not about just seeing something or watching something and finding it interesting, instead it is about sharing a connection and making an intentional an interaction.

By: Bhavna Sharma



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