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Yuki Bhambri Looses the Match against Benoit Paire

Yuki Bhambri, a well known 474 ranked player has lost the battle against a far superior Benoit Paire. The earlier Tennis Open happened in Chennai. Yuki put up a spirited game against a far superior Benoit Paire but went down 3-6, 4-6 in one hour and 25 minutes.

At the first round, Yuki started slowly and was almost broken and then got a storm of aces by the competitor (12) that he couldn't counter. As per the reports Yuki played well during the tournament and fought against Paire under the water but could not finish off points. Paire was known for his rank as high as 18 last year. The slow start by Yuki, allowed Paire a breathing time and chance to re-strategize.

Yuki Bhambri broke all the barriers to give his best shot to comeback and contain his unforced errors. However, was knocked out of the Chennai Open with a straight set defeat against world number 47 Benoit Paire.

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