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One of the most popular combat sports in the world, Judo has been derived from many different martial art forms that were practiced and used by the Samurais (military nobility and officers of medieval and early modern Japan). Judo is also a very rigorous and demands a lot of physical activity. It is a wonderful combination of physical, intellectual and righteous education. Judo imparts students a code of conduct, way of living and life philosophy. In terms of popularity and numbers Judo is the second most popular sports globally.

Career Options

  • - Professional Judo Teacher - Fitness Coach using Judo Techniques - Personal Trainer - Freelancing - Judo Trainer for Army - Professional Judo for Sports

Educational Qualifications

  • No educational qualifications required.

Personal Skills

  • - Interest in Physical activity - Good stamina - Dedication

Courses to be pursued

  • - 10th to 1st Kyu Time Requirement: - 3
  • 4
  • 6 months - Sho Dan HO (1st Dan Probationary Blackbelt) Age requirement: - 10 years minimum Time Requirement: - 1 Kyu to Shodan H:O 8 to 12 months - Sho Dan (1st Dan Probationary) Age requirement: - 11 years minimum Time Requirement: Shodan H:O to Sho Dan 12 months - Ni Dan (2nd Dan Blackbelt) 2 years after Shodan
  • Age- 19 years minimum - San Dan (3rd Dan Blackbelt) 3 years after Ni Dan
  • Age- 22 years minimum - Yon Dan (4th Dan Blackbelt) 4 years after San Dan
  • Age- 26 years minimum - Go Dan (5th Dan Blackbelt) 5 years after Yon Dan
  • Age- 32 years minimum - Roku Dan (6th Dan Blackbelt) 6 years after Go Dan
  • Age- 38 years minimum - Nana Dan (7th Dan Blackbelt)7 years after Roku Dan
  • Age- 45 years minimum - Hachi Dan (8th Dan Blackbelt) Upon recommendation by Instructor. 8 years after Nana Dan
  • Age- 53 years minimum - Kyu Dan (9th Dan Blackbelt) Upon recommendation by Instructor 9 years after Hachi Dan
  • Age- 62 years minimum - Ju Dan (10th Dan Blackbelt)-Upon recommendation by Committee. 10 years after Kyu Dan
  • Age- 72 years minimum

Top Colleges

  • JUDO FEDERATION OF INDIA Address: WZ – 114 E 3rd Floor Hari Singh Complex Todapur Main Road New Delhi 110012 Phone: 911125844334 Email:
  • JUDO ASSOCIATION OF INDIA Address: 22 A/9 Flat No.4 Kishan Garh Vasant Kunj New Delhi 110070 Mob No: +91 9999776472 Website:

Working Conditions

Mostly work indoors if they work at a gym or indoor training facility. Mostly work outdoors when they work at athletic fields, sporting events, practices, or job sites. Are exposed to disease and infections on a daily basis when working with athletes. Sometimes work in hot or cold temperatures, depending on weather.

Top Companies

  • Academy Of Aikido India Address: Calcutta Judo Club Guru Nanak Sarani Kolkata 700016 Phone: 9836167148 Website:
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu India Address: B-36 2nd Floor Shivalik Malviya Nagar South Delhi Above D-Pauls Near Aurobindo College, Delhi 110017 Phone: 08826166516 Website:

Successful Persons

Sensei T.K. Rajan

Sensei T.K. Rajan started Judo training in Constitution Club of Parliament House of Delhi in July 1968.Thier students were Member of Parliament of India. After that he went to Modern School of BaraKhamba Road, Indian Institute of Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru University Campus, Lady Shri Ram College, Saint Stephen College and so many places to teach Judo.

Ryoko Tani

Ryoko Tani was born on September 6, 1975 is a retired Japanese female judoka and a politician. She Competed in the extra-lightweight (48 kg) class, she has won a record seven world titles and five Olympic medals including two golds at Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004. Post retirement, the International Judo Federation named her "best female judoka ever".

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