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Interactive School Platform:

Students: FairGaze act as a true partner to you.

  • It allows you seamless interaction with your community of students, teachers, parents, mentors, and academia.
  • It gives you an exclusive environment to network with the mentors.
  • It offers you multiple opportunities to learn from the peers & grow.
  • It provides you news & educative documentaries on your dashboard, customized as per your interest.
  • It showcases your talent to a larger audience of education community.
  • It tracks your progress to assess overall improvement.
  • It offers you, personality development sessions, mentoring by coaches, tutors & experts, community Appreciation, API assessment and chatting with friends.

Teachers: Bestow your knowledge to inquiring minds

  • It gives you an exposure to larger number of students.
  • It showcases the outcome of your hard work and earns credibility in education community.
  • It enables you in earning well deserved reputation & recognition.
  • It gives you the access to students of other schools besides your own school students while creating group & linking it with your student (within School) as well as uploading assignment for your students within the group.
  • It offers you a chance to earn extra income.
  • It provides you an opportunity to upgrade & improve your professional skills.
  • It presents you a prospect to interact & network with other members of teaching community by building & expanding your community & network.
  • It facilitates you to send direct message to parents and connect with them.

For School: Evolving through technology

  • It enables the school to be more dynamic and classrooms more interactive.
  • It allows the school to provide students & parents constant inputs on education.
  • It facilitates the school in delivering innovative & educative focused concepts to students for their holistic development through Future Bright Programs.
  • It gives school interactive technology free of cost; platform as easy as using a smart phone.
  • It aides school in their unique branding and provide them wider reach.
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