07 Feb 2019

G. B. N Senior Secondary School, Sec – 21D, Faridabad organized a workshop on 30th January 2019 for the students of Grade VIII. Workshop was about “Journalism” and the aim of conducting it was to make students, know about the field of Journalism. This workshop was conducted by the members of FairGaze during the school hours only. The students of class 8 with their teachers participated in it. 

The students were informed about what Journalism is? What are the different types of it? Students took keen interest in it and it was highly informative for them. Ms. Bhavna Sharma, Assistant Editor, FairGaze, told students about the history and different types of Journalism. She gave vital information to the students about the topic. 

Many interesting activities were also conducted during the workshop. Students were asked to do Vox-Populi.  Some of the students became anchors and others acted as the audience. Bhavna Ma’am told students how to do the activity. Students followed the instructions and did it excellently. Many documentaries as well as interviews taken by many famous journalists of different celebrities were shown. This helped the students to understand the concept of journalism better. Students we’re also invited to become a part of FairGaze and act like student journalists, many students seemed to be interested in it. At the end, a big thanks to FairGaze for conducting such a wonderful and learning experience for GBNites.

By: Lokesh Yadav


Student Journalist, GBN Senior Secondary School, Sector 21 D, Faridabad

Posted By - Assistant Editor