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Hard Skills: Which Aren’t Too Hard To Master!!

05 Mar 2019

In the ever evolving world, we are experiencing changes in all aspects of life. Anyone from an older generation can tell us how things have changed over the last fifty years. The world no longer looks and feels like it was fifty years ago. Technology, communication, infrastructure have changed the way we live our lives. From what we eat, the kind of homes we live in, the cars we drive and the kind of jobs that we do in order to sustain this new way of life. 

Fifty years ago the way people conducted their business was way different then today. Communities were localized; customers were dealt with face to face. With the emergence of new and advanced technology, the World has become a Global village. Business is no longer operating on such personal levels as before. Most of the business today is conducted over the internet, emails, various applications, mobile phones etc. Businesses have broken down the barriers of distance, language and we now are able to order things from across the world sitting in the comfort of our own homes.

Technology has also changed the way we work. Work now is no longer confined to office spaces. This is the age of virtual reality. Some businesses are conducted completely online, with skilled workers managing the entire operations sitting at remote locations. This kind of worldwide growth isn't limited to just big corporations but even small businesses now have a worldwide audience. These changes are not just restricted to business alone; it has literally encompassed all spheres of life, whether it is business, education, healthcare or entertainment. Today even schooling has undergone sea changes with students attending online classes sitting in the comfort of their homes. HealthCare is yet another aspect of life that has become highly hi-tech and accessible. For example Teleradiology, were the radiological images of patients such as x-rays, CT Scans, and MRIS done in America are now transmitted in locations in India to be viewed, interpreted and diagnosed by radiologist and the reports sent back within very short time. Apart from all these the entertainment sector also has undergone sea changes where the movie is being shot in some location in Europe while the editing is being done in Bangalore. The whole evolution of our lives is just mind boggling. However, with all these changes it has also become important to enhance our skills to be able to match the ever changing trend. 

With the technological advancement the job market is perpetually evolving. It also means in order to be in a comfortable position at work we need to evolve our skill sets as well. Today the way people look for jobs, the requirement of the employers and the process of interview have also changed significantly. 

Today whenever we speak about jobs or consult a career counselor there are all chances that we will hear about the term "Hard Skills" and "Soft Skills". Let’s try to understand what “Hard Skills” are. Hard Skills are specific learning, teaching abilities that are well defined and can be measured, for example math, reading, typing, or ability to use different software programs. Hard Skills are quantifiable, for example the proficiency in a foreign language, earning a degree in certain studies, knowledge of operating a machine or able to work on software programs for execution of a job. All of these skills are definable; they can be measured and are listed in the resume of the candidate seeking a job. Hard Skills are the specific knowledge and abilities that are required to be successful in a job.

In this age of technology there are certain Hard Skills that are most in demand and possessing these hard skills will certainly be helpful in securing a job in this ever evolving and competitive job market. Let us discuss some of the most sought after Hard Skills that companies are looking for. 

Cloud Computing: This the age of Internet and cloud computing is here to stay. Most businesses are doing away with large office spaces and cloud computing is one of the most important methods to reduce space as it the type of computing that relies on shared computing resources, rather than having data stored on local computers and Servers, the company delivers the services over the internet. Simply put Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services like, servers, storage, database, software, analytics and more over the internet. Cloud computing is here to stay and there are several cloud computing courses that are on offer. Knowledge of cloud Computing will certainly be a positive point in securing a job.  

Artificial Intelligence: or AI is that area of computer science that works on creating intelligent machines that work like humans and are also designed to react like humans. We are already using many of such machines and program for example the "Alexa". The heavy equipment building plants are using this AI to a great extent. As a matter of fact Artificial Intelligence has proving to be very useful in many other spheres of life for example healthcare, weather forecasting, Aviation, food processing and many more. Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence is one of the most sought after hard skills that companies are looking for in a candidate.

Mobile Application Development: Mobile phones have now become part and parcel of our lives and there is a great demand for professionals who are adept at Mobile Application Development. Every business now days opt for a mobile application to reach out to the masses. Good Knowledge of Mobile Application Development is surely a plus point in securing a job now and in the years to come.

Software Testing: With all the new software applications that are being created on a daily basis to meet various business requirements, the testing of this software are of great importance to provide smooth operation and necessary services that these applications are designed for. All this software’s go through testing process and these test are conducted but professionals who are adept in software testing. This is one hard skill that is here to stay.

There are several other “Hard Skills” that are most in demand and will be in future as well. Some of them are: 

Analytical Reasoning, People Management, UX Design, Video Production,  Sales Leadership, Translation, Audio Production,  Natural Language Processing, Scientific Computing, Game Development, Social Media Marketing, Animation, Business Analysis ,Journalism, Digital Marketing, Industrial Design, Competitive Strategies, Customer Service Systems,  Data Science, Computer Graphics, Corporate Communications Etc.

The scope of learning new “Hard Skills” is significantly vast and varied. One needs to sharpen up their CV with one or more of these Hard Skills in order to attain a successful professional career in the near future.

By: Madhuchanda Saxena

Posted By - Assistant Editor