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How Social Media Affects A Student’s Life?

25 Feb 2019

In the recent years Social networking are popular around the globe and the main users are amongst student. Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter & Google+  are some of the most popular social networking websites currently floated around. It can be noticed that almost every student studying in school and colleges would certainly be having a profile on the above mentioned sites. These sites were firstly taken as for fun by many students but later on some may start using it as for time pass and then gets addicted to it.  It is a general accepted concept that some of these effects on the students are positive while the others may be negative. Thus based on the critical analysis of both the effects that arise from the usage of these kind of platforms which have a deep hand to shape al lot of a student’s life. This article is just to access advantages and disadvantages of social networking sites at present for students. 

While there are many disadvantages but some are categorized below:

• One of the greatest negatives of using the social media networking sites is that the students generally are getting addicted to it. Recently in a study it has been said that students after their academic sessions spend hours of their usual time in social media sites which is seen as the obvious main reason in degrading the academic performance of a student.

• Many of the students if not monitored may inclined to use to the social media sites till mid night or even till early morning which thereafter leads to many issued related to health and may hamper their studies.

• Some students are getting s addicted to connect people on Facebook that they lack connections in practical life and thus unable to spend time with their family members.  Which is one of the major disadvantages as the disconnection with the siblings and parents may also lead to some unknown differences which brings unhappiness in the family.

• Sometime it is noticed that strangers by making fake profiles on Facebook, etc gathers personal information of the family through some students and the detailed information provided like phone numbers and details of self and family and address may bring a dangerous result as it may be done with the bad intentions.

• Social media sites are seen to directly affect the thinking process for a student which sometime takes them to a negative approach, sometimes student by fault or by choice attract bad elements of society and relate with them. It brings problem at their family and may affect their personal life as well as career.

Every coin has two sides.  Whenever anything attracts the point of disadvantages, some advantages are also attracted by the things that happen.  That some of the major advantages are:

• That the greatest advantage of social media sites are that it helps in establishing connection with society at large, people living abroad, friends and relatives living distant and nearby. The concept of social media is to share one’s view whether in the shape of words, pictures or emoticons. Sometime a useful information can be collected from these social media sites easily which otherwise was a problem in past and now these sites helps to learn about different things in the shape of beautifully written and attractive article and lots of other stuffs.

• It also helps students for interacting with one another and the teachers at global level and share ideas. Thus it helps in improving the creativity of student.

• These social media sites can be accessed from all around the globe just with the help of internet and a device. This also helps the students to be connected and establish communication with the teachers and friends even is outside the down due to some reasons or through coming along new things that can improve their knowledge.

• Social media sites are used for academic purpose by the students by sharing pictures of their project, its making videos or which is a new method of learning through fun and entertainment.  That social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook have some groups, pages, etc of which a student can become a part/ member and can access and also post various types of relevant information about the academics and their campus drive. 

• Through these social media sites the students can interact with the people which they look after to become like and establish the contact with entrepreneurs and corporate people for getting jobs and internships and can gain some valuable information from them.

• Social media sites brings some petty earnings for the students like marketing for some companies in different groups, through haring their art, writing article, poems, etc for some website or page. Certain websites also offer the content advertisements to its subscribers created by students.

• There is a very popular phenomenon now that Whatsapp class group are created to share information about class, assignments, project topics, etc. Teachers are also the Students, as well as teachers, can share some of the material and coursework given by teachers they have in the shape of word document or Pdf so as to reach everyone. This makes things related to academics extremely convenient to access and get the method material gets easy and improved. After that school day is over or say end of session, the students are still able to have access to these study materials that too everywhere they go since they are connected through their phones and gets attracted with that. Even some Facebook groups are created at bigger levels say a whole sole group of a college can be created to reach the same results and with the same purpose.

By: Anuja Arora

Posted By - Assistant Editor