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Moral Values – The Basis of One’s Personality

22 Feb 2019

Morals refer to the standards of behavior that helps a human being to survive, adjust and co- operate with other beings. It refers to what the society considers right and apt. The wider meaning of morality means to sacrifice one’s own short-term interests for the benefit of society. Those people who are indifferent to right and wrong are considered amoral, on the contrary those who are involved in doing evil acts are considered immoral. Being moral and imbibing important moral values amongst our children is very important in today’s time. India is becoming more and more high tech day by day but sadly moral values are deteriorating and more and more people have started following the path of immorality. Moral values are equally important for each one of us. It doesn’t really matter that we belong to which age group. What is important is our values that stay with us until we are alive. Children must be taught about moral values at home and in school in order to inculcate in them these values since childhood itself. Moral values are extremely necessary for shaping up a child’s personality in the appropriate manner.  Moral values help in preparing the child for the future roles that he has to play in the society when he grows up. These days parents are extremely busy in their own daily life and they completely forget to pay attention to their ward. Also, there is too much hatred, violence in the society at large that it has become the need of the hour to shape up the mentality of a child at a very young age itself. Inculcating the important moral values in a child at the right age shall prove to be beneficial for the child and the society at large. It will also help in reducing the crime rate in the society especially crime against women. Most of the crimes against women such as rape are a result of sick mentality of the people. It is mainly because such people haven’t been taught to respect women as much as they respect men.  They consider women to be their property and exercise unnecessarily control over them. If we have to mark an end to such heinous crimes, it is high time that we should inculcate moral values in our children. Some of the most important moral values for students are as follows:

(a) Respect - We have all heard the famous saying “Give respect and take respect”. Respect is very important for each and every individual. We often mistake by teaching our children that they should respect their elders, rather we should teach them to respect each individual irrespective of factors like age, religion, caste, sex etc. In fact, children should be taught to respect all living beings including animals, birds, plants etc.

(b) Family – Family is our base. It is our origin. We can forget anything but not our family. Our family is an integral part of our life. It is important to imbibe into the students the feeling of family and teach them that family comes before everything else in the world.

(c) Unconditional Love and Kindness – In this world of hatred and crime, we should teach our children to be kind and loving just like our soldiers who love their country unconditionally. We should teach our children the meaning of love without having any expectations in return.

(d) Honesty - Honesty is the best policy. This is not just a quote but holds a lot of importance in real world. One should be true and honest and should avoid indulgence into acts of cheating. If a child is taught to be honest right from childhood, he or she grows up into an honest individual who would think 100 times before taking the wrong path in life.

(e) Hard Work - We have all heard the saying “Hard work is the key to success”. Indeed this is a true statement. Hardwork is not a way of doing things; rather it’s a way of life. One shouldn’t be hardworking only while studying or in office but we must learn to work hard and give our 100% in whatever we do in life.

(f) Co-operation – Stubborn and difficult people are not liked by anyone. We must teach our children to adjust and co- operate in life. Through adjustment, we can make more friends and enjoy our relationships and bonds in a much better way.

(g) Compassion – Compassion means to be sensitive to the needs of others. In today’s selfish world, we all think of our personal gain first, but it is very important to understand the needs of the other people also.

(h) Forgiveness – Forgiving nature is a very good habit that one must possess. We must teach our children to forgive and forget and be a bigger person. This shall help them become a peaceful individual with calm and soothing personality.

(i) Courage – A courageous person is one who doesn’t run away from danger. One should be courageous enough to deal with all kinds of situations in life.

(k) Empathy – A child must be taught the feeling of empathy. Being empathetic means understanding different viewpoints and then reaching a decision.

(l)  Justice – We must teach our children the sense of justice. They should be able to speak up for their own selves and also for the rights of other people as and when required.

(m) Love for Education – We must teach our children the power of education and eventually they will fall in love with it. They must be taught that how education can totally change their life and make them a better human being altogether. Also, children must be made to understand that the gift of education is the best gift that a child gets in life.

(n) Generosity – Children must be taught to be generous and giving. They should be ready to help anyone in times of need and should not be persuaded by selfish motives.

By: Anuja Arora

Posted By - Assistant Editor