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Why Discipline In Student Life Is Important For Career Goals

23 Feb 2019

Discipline is considered to be an important tool for achieving something whether its career goals, healthy body, peace full mind or a wealthy life. Everyone would have been once a part of lectures based upon the similar topics. Over the time, discipline in life at one or another aspect has become an important topic for teachers and parents while admonishing kids. One must have not understood the meaning of discipline and that as to why this aspect of life being forced upon us time and again. Many of us had even cursed discipline while being a student whenever we were restricted and controlled life schedule and rules. But trust me discipline is the base of success. For all people out there who don’t give discipline any importance in their students or kids life they must try experimenting with it just for a change and may be surprised with the effective results. One must know that you need not stop the fun and frolling in the day to day life and yet a student can be a well-disciplined kid. Discipline is not something like follow the foot marks of Gandhi but it's just being regular and consistent with some good habit. Every parents and teachers should realize that coming down to the level of guiding your kids and students is not very difficult task to undergo. The only difficulty is the self-laziness which is opted by the kids as they follow a simple principle "Do what you see". If your school staff is concerned to keep the surrounding clean so that is what a student will opt out and this leads a way to healthy life.  Discipline is the determination when the control over yourself is achieved, nothing would harm or let you down. To make your students follow discipline you need to give them a bit encouragement and some important reasons as to why they should adopt the prime values of self-discipline. Some of the important virtues of discipline which would lead your students to get a healthy and successful life are:

1.Learning the importance of time:

As a famous proverb of life everyone is aware of is that Time waits for none. We heard it a several times But do we really stick to it? Ideally one ought to have a time table for everything that is to be done. As time planning leads to clarification and teaching its importance is very crucial understand that if right time is elapsed it cannot be restored. As time is the essence of success at every stage of life.

2. To become active:

One must have noticed that disciplinarian is always active and smooth in day to day activities, as following it would make you realize that life doesn't mean to sit around and wait for an opportunity to come and knock your door. That understanding the concept that sitting idle and for hours, days, weeks and months would not make any good for your student. A student needs to be active and we'll embody to take charge of life and day to day activities. Student being active would become an improved version. So dismissing the prolonged laziness which can hamper the future of a student is the best approach.

3. Teaching importance of following rules and regulations:

While many students wants to escape rules and regulations. But it would lead to unascertained future if discipline is not enforced or maintained strictly. Students have a fresh and pure mind that desires to do different things so it is up to the teacher that if their mind is occupied in learning activities, it may stroll into bad activities. 

4. Respecting other and getting one:

Many people in life struggle to get respect from others. But the easiest way to get respect is to respect every one which is the part of being disciplined. Student should be taught that People around us will surely respect a person who is well disciplined. Like if you are respectable towards your elders and younger ones it will help you get respect from across the table.

5. Staying healthy: 

Discipline in life comprises of regular habits like taking food, having bath, regular exercise, proper walking and sleeping at a scheduled time. While Exercise helps to tune up the body and mind so as to remain healthy. Having food in a proper time schedule is very crucial as food is also a medicine to a healthy mind and body. Thus making a discipline in the eating habits and exercise with the other physical activities leads to healthy life.

6. Improved academic performance: 

The basis of student Life is good academics as it is the main aim to be successful in life and discipline is very important for better education results. Education is never completed before learning discipline. The most important is Classroom discipline which basically helps the students to listen calmly to teachings classes and also remember everything from the entire syllabus. For coming to school in time they need to awake early, attend nature calls, have a bath and get their breakfast at time. Hence discipline creates a schedule and gives pace to get a healthy mind so as to learn and lead good academics.

7. Stay stress or tension free: 

Discipline leads to stress free time. That in a student's life a major tension begins during competitive exams or regular exams. This is a kind of anxiety or unknown fear about the outcome of the exam in student life. Thus being disciplined helps a student to study well in advance and not just a day or two before exams so as to remain free in life. This is carried by them to the professional life that due to discipline their work or presentation is planned well before and executed on right time so to exclude stress. So being disciplined helps a student stay stress free and be away from depression.

By: Anuja Arora

Posted By - Assistant Editor