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Why Is Sports Important For Students

04 Mar 2019

How important is being playful? Well it is evident from the fact that it is an ancient behavior. If we observe carefully it isn't only humans who play but even birds and other mammals including the ones inhibiting the oceans play. It seems like a safe method of learning how to live, as these animals play by acting out attacks by pouncing on each other, wrestling, hiding, stalking and biting softly. It seems like playing was an evolutionary function that in all its simplicity and playfulness actually trained both humans and animals for facing greater challenges of life.

Humans also played from ancient times to practice things that they needed to survive. It’s not an accident or coincidence that when we "play" different types of sports like football or cricket, the activities that surround these games are so much of running, throwing, or aiming as well working in a team. All of these activities were once necessary for survival. It does not end here sports is also a great way to develop a strong personality. It also helps one more capable to cope with psychological pressure and perform better which translates into many other aspects in life.

As the adage goes “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy". We need to engage in other activities in order to make work less monotonous, stressful and boring. Student life can be pretty strenuous. In this world of fierce competition there is a hell lot of pressure upon the students to fare well in academics in order to achieve success in life. We have very rapidly transitioned into a world that is greatly materialistic and we have got used to a certain kind of lifestyle which we cannot do without. In order to maintain this lifestyle one needs to stay focused so as to chart a path towards success in academics which will later in life translate into a successful career and financial stability. However, at times the pressure can be quite high and this many a times can be unhealthy for a student. Sports are a great stress buster and mood enhancer. It not only improves the physical well being but also has a positive effect on the mental health. There are several ways in which sports is beneficial for everybody and especially students.

Sports greatly help to unwind, and fills one with a burst of happiness and relaxation. Physical activity triggers brain chemicals that makes one feel relaxed and happy. Team sports not just enhances the mood but also helps students blend socially by connecting with teammates and friends in a recreational setting.

Sport also improves ones concentration. Regular participation in sports helps our key mental skills to sharpen as we age. It helps in critical thinking, learning and sound judgment.

Sports helps in not only treating depression but if one engages in sports it will keep one’s mind greatly distracted from daily stressors. Exercise helps in reducing stress hormones in out body. Physical sports activity releases and stimulates production of endorphins, which triggers a positive feeling in the body and mind.

As students need to maintain a good time table so that they sleep well, wake up early. Sports and other forms of exercise help improve the quality of sleep. Sports help one fall asleep faster and deepen our sleep, which in turn works in improving the mental outlook the next day and students can seize the day with great vigor and enthusiasm.

Sports also help maintain a healthy body weight, proper digestion which has a great impact on student life. A healthy body is a great asset for a student. Prolonged illness or weak body can negatively impact the student mentally as well as physically which will translate to uneventful results in academics.

Sports are also a great way to improve self-esteem, as it tremendously boosts confidence. It increases the strength, skills and stamina.  Engaging in sports charges the mind and body with vigor and energy which helps one to succeed not just in the playing field but off the playing field as well. Sports greatly help in developing several key skills that lasts a lifetime. Critical thinking, presence of mind, social interaction, these are key areas that will last a life time. These qualities are also much needed in adult professional life. Sports teach team culture which is beneficial in professional life as well. Team sports trigger our sense of loyalty. It enables one to align themselves with the team and greatly feel the joy or sorrow of the team’s success and loses. Sports also enhance one's ability to cope with strategies and goals, motivates one to improve their performances.

Sports also help in maintaining discipline. Discipline is one of the golden rules in the life of a student as well as an adult. Until and unless one is disciplined it will be very difficult for him/her to achieve their set goals. In order to excel in academics, one needs to follow a strict timetable. Sport teaches discipline. It is quite amazing how within a small time while playing any kind of sports these positive attitudes play an important role in winning the game. Once students engage in sports these qualities become part of their lives and impact their lives in the most positive and productive manner. Discipline is one of the most important qualities that every individual should inculcate in order to attain success in life. Discipline teaches one to be able to forgo instant gratification in order to gain something better or more satisfying in life.

There is one too many positive attributes of engaging in sports during student life . Not only does sports help to inculcate some amazing qualities like, discipline, team spirit, endurance, but gives one the power to overcome laziness, procrastination. It builds one’s mental ability to deal with life’s setbacks with more positivity, diligence and vigor.

The impact of sports in our lives is undeniable. The qualities that sports can help develop greatly impacts success not just in sports but in career, relationship, or life in general. Therefore, all students must develop love for sports and apply it in their daily life for a successful student as well as adult life.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena

Posted By - Assistant Editor