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BNPS Hosts the Google Web Rangers Programme

Google Web Rangers , is an initiative that brings together teenagers from across the country, train them about online child safety and then have them create their own campaigns, promoting safe use of the internet. Google in partnership with Learning Links Foundation will reach out to 5000 schools and 10,000 Web Rangers to create one of the world’s largest community to active citizens for net safety.The Objective of the programme is to promote safe use of the internet among youngsters, by empowering leading teenagers (ages 13-17) to become young advocates of safe use of the internet and campaign for the same in their wide influence circles.
The teens are challenged to make the best use of their social influence and spread their newly acquired knowledge and skills among other teens and children. This includes, producing educational videos and distribute them online, create lesson plans, workshops, presentations and more. The student delegates, who have now become Google Ambassadors, took part in interactive, informative and fun sessions on topics like managing their digital footprint, being safe on the web and identifying tricks and scams online. They will now have the opportunity to work on creative projects and collaborate with other Web Rangers from schools across the country Exhibitions.