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Special Assembly of UKG Rose

It was an amazing experience to work with young learners for their special assembly. The children were very excited to present their assembly and provided the absolute contribution from the start. Their excitement was such that we began practicing a week before the actual planned date. Their eagerness could be witnessed on the stage during their presentation in terms of their preparedness, their enjoyment, etc. on the 12th of October 2018. This helped children realize their responsibility for their respective roles as well as the feeling of assisting each other was enhanced during the process.

Special Assembly by UKG DAFFODIL on Seed Germination

A Journey of a Seed
The little wonders of UKG DAFFODIL joined hands together and came up with a performance depicting the journey of a seed. Starting off by showing how a seed departs from his mother to how a seed grows into a sapling and then becomes a plant with the help of natural resources like water and sunlight. The students of UKG Daffodil were enthusiastic about their performance and enjoyed the play thoroughly.

Art Exhibition

The art exhibition... Vibrance was organised by the school on 6th October. It showcased various activities of art n craft done by children. Volunteer children took care of each n every guest and explained the skills n techniques they learn during art classes. Parents witnessed the exhibition with a lot of interest and queries regarding the displays done. Also wrote the valuable feedbacks to encourage all of us. Thanks to Arti Ma'am for being part of it with a lot of encouraging words and appreciation.

JANMASHTMI CELEBRATION- life journey of God Kanha

Life journey of Kanha was dramatized – Kanha’s journey to Gokul and reaching Maa Yashoda. Gopies expressed their feelings through their dances and music.


Kanha was mischievous of breaking pots which makes Maa Yashoda angry. This scene shows Maa Yashoda scolding Kanha.

Next scene showed the RASLEELA through dance and music.

Finally the earthen pitcher was broken (MATKI PHOD) with dance, music and amusement.

The entire purpose of this assembly was to depict the culture of India where religion of

Humanity teaches the essence of love and happiness through the human reincarnation of



Special assemblies are always been a great experience for the teacher and for the learners. Students were aware that they will be having their assembly before the festival -JANAMASHTMI.

The students themselves decided to perform one of the stories related to Lord Krishna, though they were confused about which story to take up. They all were very enthusiastic and excited about the role of “Krishna and Radha”, each one of them wanted to play the role of Krishna. With the discussion being facilitated by the teacher, they could conclude that everyone could not play the role of Krishna because there was only one such character in the story.

The teacher felt less burdened as children themselves were taking responsibilities like not missing the school as practice was going on, they kept on asking when their assembly is/ how many days are left, what time they would start the practice, etc. Learners were intrinsically motivated for practicing dance steps at their home also. They made the experience joyful and meaningful, both for the teacher and themselves.

Teacher knew that it can never come up as beautiful as it was without hard work and support of the learners and co-teachers. Teacher is thankful to the team member and their efforts to make the assembly an excellent show for the audience.

Talents win the game, but team work and intelligence wins the championships.


The assembly was conducted by the class in such an enthusiastic manner that everyone was appreciating the tiny tots and praising them from the core of their heart. The teacher and the whole class were involved in the process thoroughly as they had begun practicing for the presentation, almost a fortnight before.

Initially, the idea of the skit was shared by the teacher with the children in the class in order to weave their (children) ideas in the story line, so that they would feel more connected while playing the same. The children made their own dialogues as per the given situations and presented confidently on “The Day”. They were enjoying their roles and even supporting each other in the need, which was a commendable thing at such a young age.

Parents were invited for the assembly to witness their child’s presentation. The assembly was concluded with the parents’ sharing of their immense satisfaction and happiness to see their child’s growth and acknowledged and appreciated the teacher’s vital role in it. They shared their happiness in being a part of HES Community.