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Appreciative Inquiry Summit For "Our Organization" FOCUS 2020: Defining Our Strategic Competitive Advantage

Bharat National Public School, Karkardooma organized an event called Appreciative Inquiry Summit For "Our Organization" FOCUS 2020: Defining Our Strategic Competitive Advantage from 21st to 25th May, 2018 at their school premises which mainly focused on the co-ordination of school teachers and other staff members of both Bharat National Public School and its sister school Happy English School. Teachers of both the organizations converged to actively participate in the event. Mr. Kanwaljeet Khungar, Principal of Bharat National Public School guided the teachers which gave them a clear vision of the entire workshop and through which they can come up with new ideas and creativity. The staff aimed to work upon their focus areas and will look forward to strengthen them until 2020 to make both the schools progress towards development and better future. Focus 2020 is an initiative of appreciative inquiry i.e. to build a path for future in an appreciative way so that it motivates the school and its teachers to work better for the organization. The appreciative inquiry will help the school in figuring out both their strengths and weaknesses so that they overcome the weaknesses and enhance the strengths which makes it a powerful association. The management of both the schools assembled and worked hard for organizing this event and the five day long workshop turned out to be a huge success where teachers shared their experiences which aids in transparency among them.

The Celebration Of Labour's Day

2nd May’18, Tuesday, Happy English School organised a special assembly to celebrate Labours day on 1st May’18, in the school ground. The motive was only to make those people feel special without whom we can’t imagine the journey oh H.E.S. The assembly was just for the support team of H.E.S who are the important part of the school. The assembly was all hosted by the students of class X along with the support of teachers. The assembly started with the poem recitation and was followed by music performance. The performance was so well prepared that it just made everyone enthusiastic. Further, it was followed by a dance performance and dhol. All these activities were performed only by students. At last, a special music performance was there by music teacher- Zafar sir. His voice is so melodious that it touched the heart of the audience. The energetic participation of teacher and students and such an arrangement, might have really made the day of support team. The motive of the assembly to thank the support team for their journey with H.E.S. had been nicely achieved!!

So, at last, I would say that,

“Hard work is tough but you do it for us”

#Salute to you

By: Khyati Jain



Celebrating The English Week

25th April’18, Wednesday, Happy English School organised a special assembly to celebrate English week. The assembly was held for two days{23rd April (Monday) and 24th April (Tuesday)} in the mid field area. A very enthusiastic participation was seen by both the students and the teachers. To celebrate English week, various activities for students and teachers were performed. Students got the opportunity to raise any social issue and to share their feelings in the assembly. Many of the serious issues were taken by the students like rape and expressed their views about them quite well. Also, these students tried to create awareness among the audience. The most interesting part of the assembly was the poem recitation by English teachers – Rajeev sir and Rozylene ma’am, the title of the poem was “The spider and the fly”. The poem was presented actively and was just amazing.  At last, there was an activity for teachers i.e. tongue twister’s recitation and that too was very interesting. The assembly was planned in such a nice way that it made the day!!

   By: Khyati Jain