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Ramjas School R K Puram Grandparents Day Celebrations 2019

The students of classes III to V of Ramjas School R K Puram celebrated Grandparents day on 24 December, 2019. Students welcomed the grandparents with Teeka and a handmade brooch.
The program began with the lighting of the lamp by the grandparents and the Principal, Mrs. Rachna Pant .This was accompanied by chanting of a shlok. It was followed by a cultural program which included a Welcome song, Ganesh Stuti and a Rajasthani Folk dance. Various interesting games were also organized for the grandparents in which they participated with great enthusiasm. A number of prizes were given to the grandparents. These prizes were wrapped in newspapers to spread awareness about usage of eco-friendly material.
A few grandparents also showcased their talents. They also freely interacted with Principal and teachers and thoroughly enjoyed the day. After the program refreshments were served.

The Fun Filled Fiesta

A kaleidoscope of activities through dance, song, poem, fun games marked the celebration of 'The Fun Filled Fiesta' at Ramjas School, R.K.Puram on 27th December, 2019. The program started with lighting of lamp by our Principal, Mrs. Rachna Pant along with few parents. Various games for children and parents were organised. The colourful vibrant program left everyone awe struck and mesmerised.

Fruits Game Activity In Junior Classes

In Nursery - A, the teachers and students altogether arranged different types of seasonal fruits in trays and baskets. The cost of each fruit was also displayed on the tags. Two vendors eagerly participated in the role-play and enacted as shopkeepers. Other students also experienced buying fruits of their choice in exchange of money. All this was a wonderful experience of integrated teaching learning. 

Non- Fire Cooking by Young Kids of Ramjas

The budding chefs of Nursery and K. G. were given a list of ingredients which they were required to bring for the salad making activity. On the scheduled day, the students prepared nutritious salad and also exhibited their culinary skills while preparing it under the guidance of their teachers. The corn-cheese salad was well prepared and all the children relished it. Our Principal ma'am enjoyed interacting with the little chefs and it was appreciated them for their efforts and experience. 

Funtush Masti at Kidzania

Educational trip to Kidzania, Noida was organized on 23.09.2019 for classes 1 & 2. It provided an environment that empowers kids to explore and challenge themselves and open their minds to new experiences. It stimulates creative thinking and boosts self-esteem and self confidence level. Kidzania offered a truly unique experience and an interactive learning opportunity. It fosters a hand on approach for children to explore the world of work and a wealth of possibilities that it presents in a safe and vibrant environment.

Children enjoyed role plays as fire fighters, cops, nursing, journalists, reporters, bankers, artists etc. Children enjoyed baking pizzas, candies, chocos and learned about food factories. They had delicious and sumptuous food with frooty, cookies and ice cream.

Children developed a wide range of essential skills and attributes including team work, communication, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, digital literacy, emotional intelligence and global citizenship.

Children learnt about real life jobs or professions, developing key skills like psychomotor, cognitive, emotional, and social and language skills.

Thank you to our principal ma’am for arranging such a good edutainment trip activity for our little ones.


Project Citizen At Ramjas School

Project Citizen is a project based learning program which adds to the students’ knowledge, improves their skills and understanding to promote justice to make the world a better place to live in. It does so by leading them through the process of researching a problem and developing a proposal for the government to address that problem. Lethargic life style of children along with no outdoor activities and eating junk food is very common among youngsters. This year, children of class 9th worked on the topic, ‘’Importance of Health and Fitness’’ by dividing it in to three parts: yoga, physical exercise and healthy eating habits. Children of class 9th wanted to sensitise children about health hazards caused by leading unhealthy lifestyle so they decided to work on the following topics:
‘Food Adulteration’, ‘Obsession for fitness among adolescent’ and ‘Time to revamp Health and Fitness in Schools’.
They analysed the problem, worked on existing government policies, decided a class policy and accordingly worked on it under guidance of their teacher incharges. To carry forward the project students surveyed and interviewed many people like advocates, doctors, parents, teachers and even the school principal, Mrs Rachna Pant to explore the topic in detail and it provided them with a barrage of exposure too. To sensitize the students of the school they organised the assembly talk, short play, poster making and slogan writing competitions. Teacher incharges of the project were Mrs. Anamika Pandey, Mrs. Deepa Rani, Mrs. Dhiraj Darbari, Mrs. Neelam Bhateja, Mrs. Panchali Chakraborty and Mr. Pranchi Singh Raghav.
After Inter class, Inter school competition was held which was followed by Valedictory function on 24th October in which many schools participated. It was really nice to see children working on different topics like- Women empowerment, Garbage disposal, Food adulteration, Health hazards etc. The main motive behind conducting this project was to sensitize children about these problems in society and to find out ways to deal with it. All participants really worked hard and presented their projects with great enthusiasm. Judges found it difficult to decide the winners as all the projects were well presented. The valedictory function began with the lightning of the lamp by the school Principal Ms. Rachana Pant and teachers of other schools. Ms. Rachana Pant in her address applauded the efforts of the participants. The Award for the outstanding overall presentation was bagged by Ramjas Day Boarding School. Ramjas School RK Puram was awarded for excellent presentation and Pragati Public School was awarded for excellent documentation.