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C'mon India -- Keep Playing

2/24/2019 7:15:43 AM

The ambitious initiative to boost sports in India and prepare our young players through 'Khelo India' finally came to an end with a bang.

Haryana rules the topmost position with 38 golds followed by Maharashtra and Delhi with 35 and 25. Karnataka, Manipur and Uttar Pradesh outshines the other states.

Both boys and girls in Kerala wins gold in basketball. Haryana girls wins over Jharkhand in hockey. Manipur grabbed the 5th position.

Punjab boys dominated the judo sphere while in the girls section, Gujrat, Manipur and Haryana had one gold each.

Applauds to those who won the matches but those who couldn't, don't be disheartened. It's just a game. Come out and play and need not worry when you play. The Khelo India initiative is sure to ignite millions of young hidden treasures to come out and play, besides encouraging the winners for making it in the bigger events.

When we play any game, we are completely engrossed and our soul focus is on the games without any kind of distraction. Games makes us more focused and boost our moral to achieve any small or big goals in our life with full attention.

By: Tulika Dey