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Eight countries to attend Pune Mayor’s Trophy

5/26/2019 10:38:12 AM

Pune Mayor’s trophy International Invitational Wrestling Competition will be held from October 5 to 9. This grand event will be organized at Vithoba Maruti Pathare Stadium in Late Rajaram Bhiku Pathare Primary School, Kharadi in Pune.


On this International event of wrestling, wrestlers from eight different countries are going to meet at the stadium. Pune Mayor’s Trophy is also known as a real time state-level wrestling competition.


According to the organizers this competition is one of the major events as more than 600 wrestlers will be showing their talent over five days’ challenge. Mayor Prashant Jagtap has announced the event as ‘an incredible gathering’ as 80 international wrestlers have reported their involvement.


The idea of organizing this kind of event has been generated by Pune Municipal Corporation. This is going to be a fifth edition of state level wrestling competition, which will be handled by the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) and the MSWA’s official team.


The organizers have also disclosed that the, ‘women wrestling team will also be a part in the international level competition which is happening for the very first time”. The organizers have segregated the prize money as well according to the international and state- level competition.


Winner from the Rio Olympic, Shakshi Malik will be honored with price money of 5 Lakh during the competition said Mayor Prashant Jagtap during his interview.