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Origin of Shooting in the Pages of History’s

5/23/2019 3:05:05 PM

A traditional sport, shooting has become one of the favorite sports in India. From just being confined to the maharajas of the erstwhile princely states of the country, to a popular sport amongst the young sports enthusiasts shooting has come up a long way.

Many famous names such as Abhinav Bindra, Major Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Anjali Bhagwat and other prominent shooters have brought success to the country. Additionally, these veteran shooters have contributed to the upliftment of the game. Earlier shooting used to be for military training and the game requires great concentration skills, in order to acquire precision while shooting the target.

It is believed that the origin of shooting in India can be traced back to the medieval period. During the medieval times, the Indian used to practice the game in the form of archery. In fact, in the 16th century, the firearms were introduced to the game that was primarily used for hunting. However, with time this sport has got reorganization internationally.

By: Priyanka Negi