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Pittu - A Soulful Game

2/16/2019 1:07:41 AM

India is a country of rich cultural heritage and playing games is very much instilled in our blood. Even in mythology our Gods and Goddesses have been portrayed playing various games. History is adorned with Kings and Queens  playing games as the only medium of entertainment. From time immemorial, the game of pachissi or the shatranjludo or carrom, and various self-made games had been played by Indians but with the new era of digitalization, our children seems to have forgotten playing games.

Children these days mostly play digital games and our traditional games seem to taken a backseat. Nobody talks about the ever-loving game of gilli-danda, chuppan chupaihopscotch or stapu, carrom and the list goes on. Today let's talk about our very own desi and traditional game, Pittu. I am sure, we all must have played pittu sometimes in our childhood. Pittu is a traditional South-Asian game played by two teams. It's a very simple game with unlimited fun and unlike other games, it hardly requires any materials. Just a tennis ball or any other ball is all that is required here. It can be played by any number of players and all are divided in a team of two. A tower of seven stones is built by the players and the aim is to break the tower and rebuild it before the opponent team hits you. Which team will start the game is decided by a toss of coins. As such, there is no stringent rules to play it. Each player gets three chances to hit the tower and if he fails to do so, another player from the same team takes the chance.


By: Tulika Dey