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RBCL-2017, Day-08

5/25/2019 10:23:16 PM

Press Release

Today was an amazing day as there were seven matches between 14 schools. The best match was between Army, Dhaula Kuan and Modern Convent, Dwarka. Army School, Dhaula Kuan won the match with a score of 51-33. The best player was Gaurav, he scored 23 points.

Another good match was between Sachdeva School, Pitampura, and G.D Goenka. Sachdeva School won with a score of 53-30. Their best player was Kyrie. The best match in the senior girls’ category was between D.P.S Mathura Road and Modern School Barakhamba. D.P.S won with a score of 36-23. Their player was Saji; she scored 13 points out of 36.