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The Sport of Kings

5/26/2019 10:22:58 AM

Polo is a sport that has been inspired from the relationship of horses and humans. It is a sport that dates back to a time even older that the recorded history. The sport signifies the inter-dependence between the horse and humans. This blend is the reason Polo’s evolution over time.

The game is played on horseback and the main aim of the players throughout the game is to score more goals that the opposing team by driving the ball into the opposite teams side of ground. The game is played by 3 players in each team. Usually a game lasts for about 2 hours and is divided into periods called chukkas.

The horses playing polo are called pony and the players make sure that they have more than one pony while playing, for situation when the horse gets tired. With it being such a popular trend with the elite class of people all over the world, no doubt polo has been given the name of ‘Sport of Kings’.