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The Thrill of Nordic Combined

2/24/2019 11:23:02 AM

A winter sport in which athletes compete in cross-country skiing and ski diving is known as Nordic combined. It is included at the Winter Olympics and the FIS Nordic Combined World Cup that are ongoing.

As if it was started in 1920s by the King Olav V of Norway, the first major competition was organized in1892 in Oslo. This sport includes three main events, a small hill individual event, a large hill individual event, and finally the team event.  It is one of the oldest sport Olympic events. This form of sport was fully dominated by Norwegians, and was supported by the Finns winning all the competitions. But in the1960 Winter Olympics West German Georg Thoma won the gold medal and the Norwegians domination was broken. It was totally manly sport till 2016 when women's competitions were also allowed. The different formats and variations that are currently being used in the World Cup are: Individual Gundersen; Nordic Combined Triple; Team Event: introduced in the 1980; Penalty Race; Mass Start; and Team Sprint. The individual event, or a Gunderson event, includes single jump on either the small hill or on the large hill that is followed by a 10-kilometer cross-country race. Each jump has given a specific size that decides how big the jump is. The total number of points the jumper receives is converted into a time and winner is decided as per the best-combined distance and style score. Equipment like Ski bindings; Ski boot; Ski suit and helmet; Ski poles; and Ski wax are used in Nordic combined.

By: Anita Aishvarya