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Wushu- More than a Martial Art

5/25/2019 11:20:38 PM

Wushu is a word that defines a Chinese martial art form. As far as a literal translation is concerned Wushu indicates "wu" as military and "shu" means art. In that sense, wushu is a term that describes the Chinese martial arts, similar to kung fu. In fact, both kung fu and wushu were once considered to be the same thing. However, these days wushu is known to be more of an exhibition and full contact sport.

It has been stated in the history that the origin of this sport is vast and somewhere clouded in mystery. China is a place that is also known as the origin of all the martial art form such as karate to kali, capoeira to boxing, fencing to wrestling. The motive of this these martial art forms are, to aid in hunting and protect against enemies.

One of the early formalizations of the arts seems to have occurred under Emperor Huangdi, who took the throne in 2698 B.C. purposely, a type of wrestling was taught to troops at that time involving the use of horned helmets. Nowadays, the term wushu is mostly used to describe an exhibition and combat sport.

By: Priyanka Negi

Content: Wikipedia