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  • Allows you seamless interaction with your community of students, teachers, parents, mentors, and academia.
  • Gives students an exclusive environment to network with the mentors. Multiple opportunity to learn from the peers and grow.
  • Customized news and educative documentaries.
  • Showcases student’s talents to a larger audience of education community.
  • Progress tracker for students to assess overall improvement.
Registration Process
Registration Process for the Student
  • Student can register through online registration form or direct contact with FG staff.
  • Parent's e-mail ID and mobile number is a must.
  • Parent(s)/guardian can register the student (confirmation link will be sent to the registered e-mail address and an SMS to mobile with the OTP).
  • After registration, the account will become active temporarily with all functions.
  • FG verifies the mobile number with the True Caller (within 24 hours). After verification, registration becomes fully active.
  • Follow-up call from FG to explain the site functionalities, "second verification" (within one week).
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