Deepak Vohra was the Ambassador of India to Armenia, Georgia, Sudan, South Sudan, Poland and Lithuania, and is currently Special Adviser to the Prime Minister in Lesotho, South Sudan and Guinea-Bissau and to the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Councils of Kargil and Leh. He has also served in France, Vietnam, Tunisia, United Sates, Nigeria, Chad, Benin, Cameroon, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and Spain. Ambassador Vohra served as Officer on Special Duty to the Technology Advisor to the Prime Minister of India. Ambassador Vohra has unmatched expertise and insights into developmental issues for developing nations, especially in Africa. He has worked with Sulabh International and was closely associated with UN Missions in Africa. An alumnus of St Columba’s School, St Stephen’s College and Sorbonne University, Deepak Vohra was India’s most loved TV anchor for several years, being shortlisted by a women’s magazine as one of the most sensational personalities in India. He speaks to national and international audiences on Our World @ 2025, Global Megaconvergences shaping the future. Over 20 million have heard him so far. He writes regularly for The Sunday Guardian and appears on TV channels as an expert foreign affairs analyst

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Coronavirus disease

Till the midnight of 8-9 April 2020, there has been a total of 6129 new Chinese Virus deaths across the globe. Of these , the US, Canada and just 9 West European countries accounted for 5398 deaths or just over 88 %. Among the developing countries, Iran and Brazil are at the top with 121 and 114 deaths respectively. As against this we lost 18 of our countrymen yesterday. Every loss of human life is tragic, but given our humongous population, India’s total death toll till now accounts for just 0.1 per million of our population. That’s right 0.1 per million. No mean achievement this, despite all the predictions of gloom and doom. While China gave the world the virus, India’s hydroxychloroquine remains till now one of the best available drugs to fight the pandemic. This is clearly one for the history books. The US President thanks India for helping humanity!

Ambassador Deepak Vohra
Coronavirus disease

The Power of India’s Example

When I was born in 1951, the vast majority of Indians were illiterate and lived in dehumanising poverty. By the time I die, India would have vanquished illiteracy and extreme poverty. The three generations of post-Independence Indians have done well! India is awesome, India is awful, India could be much better

The Power of India’s Example