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Why Deepak Vohra is a Member of Our Advisory Agency

The appointment of Deepak Vohra to the Advisory Board under FairGaze does not only mean a commendation but rather an inevitable strategic move that is based on his extensive knowledge, vision and fierce commitment towards education development.

Being an established diplomat, educator and policy expert, Deepak Vohra offers a wide range of knowledge that he has accumulated through the course of decades in different fields from educational policy design to international relations among others. His wide vision facilitates his ability to guide FairGaze towards its main goal of revolutionizing educational engagement and empowerment by positioning him as a key resource.


Proud to be Associated with Shri Deepak Vohra

The impact that Deepak Vohra has had in FairGaze is far beyond his advisory roles alone. He has impacted every aspect of how our organization operates and lives. Through his visionary leadership and meticulous guiding schemes, FairGaze has revolutionized the educational media landscape as it navigates through rough challenges with tenacity and wisdom. Shri Deepak Vohra's knowledge assists FairGaze in several ways, including her deep insights and strategic foresight that are backed by a global perspective He has been the Ambassador of India to various countries and is presently holding a special position as Special Adviser to Prime Minister in several other nations. This perfectly matches our goal of cultivating leaders and promoting positive change. The incredible accomplishments that he has done in the space of creating educational policy, developing inclusive practices, as well as advocacy for social impact programs are all in line with this agenda.

FairGaze has a mission, thanks to the efforts of Deepak Vohra who called for inclusion and equality in education practices. These practices have led to programmes that are trying to close socio-economic gaps and benefit the deprived sections of society through education. The FairGaze team is motivated by his relentless pursuit of quality and the fight he put up for empowering education, which inspires us to come together as a collaborative force in order to reinvent parameters related to digital interactions on educational platforms. As a result of working with Deepak Vohra, FairGaze does not only have an outstanding advisor but also the visionary leader whose long-term footprint on its educational context goes beyond borders and brings about transformational change. It is his strategic vision, championing of inclusive methodologies and unwavering commitment to educational equity that propels us to new frontiers on innovation, impact and quality. These are the core principles of FairGaze’s organizational philosophy. As we proceed on this trajectory of educational empowerment, our aim is to remain steadfast in the mission to cause good change and develop a generation that holds power over their own destiny together with societal well-being. This mission is headed by the vision and talent of Deepak Vohra. We are ecstatic and honoured to have Deepak Vohra as part of our team whose contributions play a crucial role in the success, we achieve at FairGaze. The addition of this respected person to our Advisory Board demonstrates that we are committed towards the high quality, innovative attitude and great change in educational area. The illustrious professional life of Deepak Vohra, his considerable experience in diplomatic relations and relentless dedication to the empowerment through education all have a tremendous reverberance with our mission and values.

Not only does the high-profile of Deepak Vohra history increase our organisation’s reputation and effectiveness, but it also encourages us to pursue quality and innovation in all aspects of operation. Though his mentoring, advice and thought leadership guide us to new horizons of educational empowerment and societal transformation. The fact that Deepak Vohra has an affiliation with FairGaze is a great pleasure to us in this process of introducing revolutionary educational practices and major social implications. As a team, we can have the ability to create history by ensuring that learners and educators all over the world are empowered with lots of inspirations towards positive change. We are at a place where we can make real difference in the lives of these learning communities.


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Coronavirus disease

Till the midnight of 8-9 April 2020, there has been a total of 6129 new Chinese Virus deaths across the globe. Of these , the US, Canada and just 9 West European countries accounted for 5398 deaths or just over 88 %. Among the developing countries, Iran and Brazil are at the top with 121 and 114 deaths respectively. As against this we lost 18 of our countrymen yesterday. Every loss of human life is tragic, but given our humongous population, India’s total death toll till now accounts for just 0.1 per million of our population. That’s right 0.1 per million. No mean achievement this, despite all the predictions of gloom and doom. While China gave the world the virus, India’s hydroxychloroquine remains till now one of the best available drugs to fight the pandemic. This is clearly one for the history books. The US President thanks India for helping humanity!

Ambassador Deepak Vohra
Coronavirus disease

The Power of India’s Example

When I was born in 1951, the vast majority of Indians were illiterate and lived in dehumanising poverty. By the time I die, India would have vanquished illiteracy and extreme poverty. The three generations of post-Independence Indians have done well! India is awesome, India is awful, India could be much better

The Power of India’s Example