Good Health & Well being

Student Name : Siyona
School Name : Bharat National Public School

This is kapalbhati asana. It improves our skin's health. It improves blood circulation., aids in digestion and helps in weight loss.

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This asana is called anulom vilom. This asana helps in relieving stress, improves our brain. It also beneficial for heart patients.

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This asana is called paschimottanasana. It calms our brain, relieves stress and improves digestion.

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I am Siyona from class 7th F. I study in Bharat National Public School. As we all know today's situation and it's mandatory for us to stay healthy . Exercise keeps us healthy but sometimes people don't feel like doing it and that is the time when our family members motivate us by doing exercise with us. If someone is doing exercise incorrectly one of our family members corrects us. I like to do exercise with my sister. It gives me a boost of energy. We both motivation each other. That's how we both do exercise.

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