Good Health & Well being

Student Name : Sanvi
School Name : Bharat National Public School

This asana is known as tadasana . This pose increase our height . It is one of the easiest pose which increase our height .

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This aasan is known as kapalbhati . It reduces our abdominal fat . It increases our core abdominal strength .

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This aasan is known as vrikshasana . vriksh or tree pose is another one of the most reliable poses in yoga for height growth .

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I am Sanvi from class 4th B and I study in Bharat National Public School . In today's situation exercises so important but some people do not like to do exercise and there are some people who do exercise but incorrectly that is the time when our family supports us by correcting and motivating . I do exercise with my father and sister . They motivate me and support me , they also correct me when I am wrong while doing exercise . I get boost of energy when I do exercise with them and this is how I do exercise daily .

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