Good Health & Well being

Student Name : Khanak Sharma
School Name : Bharat national public school

This is meditation. It relaxes my whole body and I along with my brother do this whenever we find ourselves tensed or feel a little bit of tiredness. This helps us to be calm and happy. #Decathalon #Fairgraze

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This is tadaasan. I and my brother do this often to increase our height and to be fit. After doing this we feel very relaxed as our body is stretched. #Decathalon #Fairgraze

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This is baal aasan. This helps us to be mentally and emotionally fit and relaxes our whole body. #Decathalon#Fairgraze

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This is baddh konasan. This relaxes us and is also responsible for making us fit my burning extra fat. #Decathalon #Fairgraze

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