Illegal Poaching Is Affecting Helmet Hornbill

An increasing demand of hornbill “ivory” has pushed the species of Helmet Hornbill into danger. An official from wildlife trade watchdog TRAFFIC has stated that the poachers are in search of hornbill’s species in Borneo’s western forests. According to the officials, demand of the ivory is enhancing in the market of China. Wealthy collectors from China obtain unusual and limited animals and that haunts the animal to death.

Chris Shepherd, from wildlife trade watchdog TRAFFIC said, “The species of helmeted Hornbill has been completely destroyed in Asia”. The analysts said that poachers are much interested in the Casque of the Helmet hornbill. Casque is a helmet like structure of reddish-gold keratin at the front of the skulls. The cost of a single Casque is measured as $1000 after carving it into a luxury ornaments, statues and jewellery.

The officials have also confirmed that the hunters are not attracted toward the brilliant plumage or large bills of the Helmet Hornbill. However it is the bird’s Casque which attracts the poachers.

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