Gender Discrimination and Biased India

Education News | Apr-27-2021

Gender Discrimination and Biased India

Gender is such a word that judges an individual before any other traits of that person can. Gender affects every aspect of people’s lives, starting from their choice of goals in educational, recreational, and work activities to how they feel about themselves and how they should act according to the eyes of society. It has such a strong impact on people’s lives starting from how they should dress, the way they should express their feelings, and how they should develop a relationship with other individuals. Starting from birth, an individual is given roles based on their gender.

If you are a girl, you need to behave like a girl, which includes wearing dresses, wearing your hair long, focused mainly on household activities, not too interested in sports, wanting to marry someone of the opposite gender, and the list goes so on. The same thing applies to the male gender. If you are a boy, you need to be interested in toy cars and not dolls. You need to earn money and be the primary earner of your family. Society made gender rules and gender roles in such a way that there is a stereotype in every field. Even in choosing colors. A male can never like the color pink. Or a female can be a housewife but a male can never be a househusband.

Society just dumps gender roles without even having enough knowledge about one’s gender identity. In India, even today you are not allowed to know the gender of the baby before the delivery because a girl child is often killed when known.
Nature doesn’t discriminate between males from females. Society does. And this society is keeping on doing that for ages now.
There are also other aspects of gender bias society that restrict same-sex marriage, gender transformation surgery, prejudices against transgender, not considering transgender as real genders, not giving them the proper opportunities in cases of jobs.

In India, there are a large number of people who suffer from gender dysphoria which leads them to live with a gender with which they don’t identify themselves and ultimately committing suicide from depression.

By: Anisha Sen