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You may Delay, Time will not

You may Delay, Time will not

19 Sep, 2016


We can, and often do, delay in our lives. As the quote says, time doesn’t delay. This quote reminds us that time is ticking. What we fail to do now, will not be done. The time we waste is gone forever. The time we let slip through our hands will never be recovered.

We have heard of the famous saying, “Time and tide wait for no man”. So, it is important to make the most of our time instead of misusing it. Time is just like a river; it keeps flowing forward and never turns back. We may delay our work and wait for the last minute to complete our tasks, but time will continue to move forward. 


Students neglect their studies during their school term and wait till the last minute to prepare for examinations. They spend so much time playing games & chatting with friends that they sooner or later lose track of time and start panicking at the last. These are the students who do not perform to their optimum level in the examinations. Toppers, on the other hand, are consistent in their studies and strike the right balance between education and play. They never panic at the last moment because they are already well-prepared for their examinations. So, one should never leave anything for the last minute.

Time is precious, do not waste it. Let us have respect for time and time will show the same respect to us.