New Normal Life in Covid-19

You wake up in the morning. And heads towards the washroom, switch on your computer, then attend online classes. Once the lunch is over, you complete your schoolwork and, later you attend extra classes. To freshen up, you have to wear your mask and head out. Then return and washes your hands and face. Sanitize yourself and your surroundings. Then get back to your things. That is pretty much what we can consider as our daily routines these days. More or less, it is pretty much the same for every student. This routine is pretty flexible, undisciplined and lethargic. Stepping out of home these days is not less than going on a mission where you have to erase all our shreds of evidence that is sanitize everything you touch. Even going on a shopping spree is not an easy task. You need to keep up, with so many things in mind. It is becoming havoc inside the brain. You cannot even try a dress in the trial section these days. Unfair, right? But what else can we do except for taking precautions? Street food is something that every person is missing. Although we can cook all the things at home and we should be 'aatmanirbhar', but the level of enjoyment of having spicy paani-puri in the middle of the road and then running around like mads for water to quench the thirst is something unmatched. Mask, a simple piece of clothing, has now become a crucial part of our lives. All conscious fashion-divas have started considering the masks as part of their attires, which is now unavoidable. Whereas, some people feel granted to wear masks and hide their identities. And indirectly I am talking about the introverts in our societies. Agree with me or not! This Covid-19 has not just brought lockdown and precautions in our life but has also introduced us to our unknown-health issues. People these days are suffering from the deficiency of Vitamin-D and Calcium due to lack of exposure to sunlight. Some people have even changed their personality. Well, we do not know how exactly we will get over form this virus, but one thing is sure that things will never be the same. Be it our routines or our nature. It is a revolutionary period going that is mending our ways. Now we are habitual it. Let the almighty show his power and get us all out of this.

Anvi Tyagi

Delhi World Public School, Noida

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