If School Switches Affiliation No Admission for Class XI

The Madras High Court on 22nd August 2016 has ruled that the students who pass the class X Board examination in a CBSE school cannot claim automatic admission to class XI in the same school if the institution switches affiliation to the State Board of higher secondary classes.


Justices Rao and Sundar stated that the teaching facility offered by these schools must be considered to have come to an end when the students pass out of class X.


The Bench said that “It is for the student concerned to exercise the option of either continuing in CBSE pattern in class XI and class XII or switching over to State Board syllabus. If a student decides to continue his studies in Standard XI and under the CBSE pattern, he has to obviously seek admission in some other educational institution where such facilities are available”.” On the other hand, if student opts to switch over to State Board of education, then he can seek continuation in the same school”.


The Judges directed the State Government to instruct all private schools in the State to publish the admission norms in advance and display them on the notice boards.


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