Instruments: Our Sacred Belonging


The concept of melody and the artistic pursuit of a musical composition are known to all of us. Music and sound have helped us evolve and grow over the years.

Musical instruments are held sacred by musicians and are worshipped by students on special occasions like Saraswati Puja. Tanpura is from one of the instruments which are used by the instrumentalists.

Additionally, Tanpura is the instrument, which is regarded as an important part of classical Indian music. A distinctive quality of the Tanpura is its sound effect that is produced by the continuous playing of all the strings. It leaves an everlasting effect on the listener. Thus the Tanpura is an ideal auxiliary for Indian Classical singing, soloist instrumental player, or modal creativeness.

According to music artists, Tanpura also has an association with deities in Hindu mythology. With the advent of our schooling, students are introduced to instruments as a sacred entity to us. 



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