KFC’s Fried Chicken Sandwich Will Experience Balloon Test Flight

World View has scheduled a flight for Fried Chicken Sandwich aboard on its high-altitude-balloon system. It is going to happen later this month.  World View's chief technology officer, Taber Mac Callum said that a bucket – shaped container along with a high – definition TV camera is there.

Payload will sit inside that container. It is made to keep the food fresh in a four day long flight. This high-altitude system is being made to fly weather – sensors, communication instruments, camera and other equipment. This will be done at high altitudes of 60,000 to 75,000 feet above Earth. In the near space environments, World View also deals with the flying activity of tourists and researchers.

The director of brand communications of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), George Felix refused to say anything about how much company is spending on this flight. In a teleconference, he also said that this event is going to be worth every penny.

Content: www.space.com


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