Mars too has Moons!

Yes, it’s true! The planet Mars has two moons rotating around it. Hard to believe, but it is a fact. These moons are named – Phobos and Deimos which in simple language mean fear and panic. Let us know about these a little more. Phobos and Deimos are tiny in size and it is because of the size that a picture taken from a satellite appears star-like. Nasa’s Hubble Space Telescope intended to take pictures of Mars however it happened to capture these little moons too. Their origin dates back to Aug 12, 1877 when American Astronomer Asaph Hall did a search on Martian moons. Let us now look at their peculiar characteristics –

  1. They are very small; Deimos has a radius of only 6.2 km and looks like a potato in shape.
  2. During full moon, Deimos shines like as brightly as Venus.
  3. It is believed, that within 100 years, Phobos will collide with Mars and its existence will cease to exist.
  4. Deimos is believed to travel away from Mars, so in years to come, it will be cast off in the space.

Interesting, isn’t it! Did we ever imagine that like our planet, Mars would also have moons? This galaxy is full of surprises; you never know when a new fact emerges.

By: Priyanka Negi



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