MS Dhoni Advise to India Youngsters

Captain Dhoni has defended Indian youngster after Ranchi ODI Loss to New Zealand. The veteran captain advised the team by giving some special tricks. Dhoni said that poor shot choice contributed to India losing the fourth cricket ODI against New Zealand in Ranchi. However, Captain Dhoni added that the youngsters in the team should not be discouraged from going for big hits.


While recommending tips to score well, Mahendra Singh Dhoni said that the youngsters should not fear from playing big shots. The fear would restrict the youngsters to develop in future, added Dhoni. While guiding the team captain Dhoni added that "It is important to not tell youngsters to stop playing the shot as you don't want them to go into their shells.” Dhoni defended the team saying, they played their shots when the ball was in their area and will learn after they have played 15-20 games.



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