Mysteriously Concealed 14,000 Army Dog Tags Discovered

A team of researchers has reexamined the artifacts found in 2014 to uncover the hidden facts of the World War-II.According to the researchers, during a significant find in 2014, a military historian Dan Mackay found a remarkable antique near London, England.According to the details, the artifacts were buried next to World War II-era anti-artillery gun. Engraved by the British army, these artifacts are more than14000 in number.

The archeologists have also stated that such ID tags were made out of vulcanized asbestos fiber until 1960. Moreover, these tags found have been in use since before World War I, added the scientists. As per the analysis, these artifacts are supposed to be among the first stainless steel ones commissioned by the British Army. Additionally, these antique tags may have been created in expectation of the preface of the newer-model tags, stated the researchers.

The researchers also came to a conclusion that the Army may have abandoned those plans and never place them into circulation, rather burying them at the site.



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