Why Not Mango Butter Instead of Cocoa Butter

Scientists have found the solution to tackle the rising problem of cocoa butter. According to a research production of cocoa is declining worldwide.


The scientists have suggested that demand of cocoa butter can be fulfilled by mango butter. The study claimed that with going time demand of cocoa is increasing however the production is declining because of ageing and diseased plants.


Study has also claimed that crop failure is also a reason of low production rate though the demand is observed to increase by 30 percent in coming years. Recently a scientist from Bangor University has come up with an amazing solution. They have claimed that mango butter has some properties which are as similar as cocoa butter.


The scientists have explained that row mango butter can be an alternate of cocoa butter as it has similar chemical, physical as well as thermal properties. A tremendous rise has happened in the price of cocoa butter produced from cocoa from 2005 to 2015 because of its quality benefits.


The scientists have added that mango butter has higher moisture content than cocoa butter which can create low fat chocolates.



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