Yoga is Beneficial For Spinal Flexibility

A study says yoga is an effective tool for astronauts to fight spinal stiffness. As astronauts go for extensive missions in space, they can suffer from stiffness. As per the research, the Yoga technique can help to reduce the mobility issues.

The experts say, space travel may lead to atrophy of the muscles supporting the spine. The scientists suggested that the issues do not return to normal even several weeks after their return to the Earth. As per the research by the muscle atrophy, Astronauts’ space travel provides back pain and spinal disc diseases.

The study was conducted under the guidance of NASA’s scientists on the international Space Station. For the research, the scientists choose six NASA crew members, who were studied before and after spending four to seven months in "microgravity" conditions. The scientists were aimed to know factors affecting lumbar spine strength and low back pain during long-duration spaceflight. Additionally, the researchers were aiming to understand the spine's response after Astronauts returning to the Earth gravity.




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