Failures Act as a Pillar to Success

We all know to catch a success path is not easy, but also it is not impossible elsewhere behind every success, there is a failure. Failures don't mean like failing a class, it means when we think that we can accomplish this thing and we don't come across success, But we try again we don't lose hope. Failures give us hope that we can do better and even much much better than before. It brings out more from ourselves. We try to do a thing more sincerely. Each and everyone in this world has come across failure, and that is why a person is successful. Failure makes us strong,  but it doesn't mean that we have to fail intentionally. Failures show us dark, that we are so sure that we can't and should never come across. It gives us a push to work hard and hard to make a peaceful journey to success after a failure. And trust me, you will enjoy the success path afterwards. People like our PM Mr Narendra Modi use to work at tea stalker, but we all know where he is right now. It is because he has come across failures and had a belief in himself that he can do much better he was doing at the moment. And here we can see him a successful PM of our country. Its a matter of a few times that how do you want to see yourself, how passionate you are, how important this is to you. So, in the end, I would like to say that don't lose hope when you fail, you will learn and get up yourself. And do things efficiently, with determination and dedication. At last, it will show you success.

Deepanshi Manchanda

Ramjas School

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